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Episode 40: Brett Bartholomew {You Don't Have To Get There Tomorrow}

February 07, 2021 Kenny Dusseault Season 1 Episode 40
Elite Development Podcast
Episode 40: Brett Bartholomew {You Don't Have To Get There Tomorrow}
Show Notes

This week on the podcast I have the pleasure of bringing on Brett Bartholomew. Brett is the owner and founder of The Art Of Coaching, the host of The Art Of Coaching Podcast, the author of Conscious Coaching, and a Strength & Conditioning Coach that has worked with athletes across all kinds of different sports & levels.

Brett does a great job of breaking down the evolution of the strength and conditioning industry, the benefit of working with younger kids, the pros and cons of working in professional sport and the importance of understanding the business side of the profession to succeed as a coach.

The question that I ask all of my guests is "What does it take for athletes to separate themselves and create a career in sport?"
Brett's answer was simple.  There is no secret sauce. The key to building a successful career in sport is consistency.  Every day is spent chipping away towards those ultimate goals.

My hope for anyone listening is that if they take away one thing it was Brett's message to youth athletes.  You don't have to get there tomorrow.  It is okay not to be great right now.  As long as you are continuing to put in time and effort, you will continue to improve.  This is an incredible insight not only for youth athletes, but also for coaches! Stop trying to show everyone how great you are and get back to focusing on continuously getting better.  Wherever you are at in the process is okay.  Continue to learn, continue to improve, and great things will come.

Overall this was a great interview learning from one of the true best in the industry.  Learn to bring yourself back to basics, and focus on improving every day.  Both as a coach and as an athlete, this is your recipe for success.

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